2019-07-23 12:14 — By Erik van Eykelen

(Excerpt) New to Release Management?

I’m working on a new product called Releasewise. Part of the marketing strategy rests on writing helpful blog posts for aspiring (or even seasoned) product owners, project managers, and release managers.

The first article is titled “New to Release Management? Ten Things to Know to Prepare Yourself for This Demanding Job”:

  • One: First Establish the Definition of Ready
  • Two: Assemble a Team of Trusted “Status Providers”
  • Three: Trust but Verify
  • Four: Obsess Over Details That Matter
  • Five: Write Early and Often
  • Six: All Stakeholders Must Know All Crucial Dates
  • Seven: Understand What You’re Building
  • Eight: The Job Doesn’t End After a Release
  • Nine: Start-Up, Scale-Up, or Enterprise?
  • Ten: Automate What Can Be Automated

I’m not cross-posting the whole article so please check it out at the Releasewise blog. Don’t forget to sign up for an early user invite! Since Releasewise is now called TaskSift and its blog is no longer live I've reposted the complete article here.

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