2019-04-10 16:31 — By Erik van Eykelen

Hello New Blog

For a long time I looked for an easy way to maintain a blog. I looked at Hugo, Jekyll, Middleman, and Nanoc. All great, versatile tools but still too heavy for my basic needs.


  • Git-based.
  • Command-line based.
  • Static self-contained HTML files.
  • Adding a new blog post consists of creating a Markdown file.
  • Occasionally I want to post (or rather “recycle”) a snippet or a random thought stored in a GitHub Gist.
  • Sometimes I post a bunch of tweets (“tweetstorm”) which I like to use as a blog post.

To scratch this itch I developed a basic blog publishing tool called MsgTrail. The source code can be found here.

MsgTrail has the following features:

  • Content sources:
    • Local Markdown files.
    • GitHub Gists.
    • Tweets including support for tweetstorm stitching.
  • User interface: command line.
  • End result: self-contained HTML.
  • Hosting: no (bring your own).
  • Search: no (rudimentary support for Google’s site: feature).
  • Archive page: yes.
  • Feed: yes (Atom).

Check out the documentation on how to install and use MsgTrail.

I use MsgTrail to maintain this blog. The source code of the msgtrail.com blog can be found here.

Check out my product Operand, a collaborative tool for due diligences, audits, and assessments.