2017-10-25 12:31 — By Erik van Eykelen

On Webflow

Things I like about Webflow:

  • Strong reliance on CSS classes and style inheritance. Other WYSIWYG web design tools took the wrong path and dumbed this down;
  • Good support for responsive designs;
  • Impressive database features (collections, filtering, sorting, conditional display);
  • Great documentation, ditto customer support.

Things I don’t like about Webflow:

  • Creating multi-lingual sites is impractical without resorting to 3rd party solutions which rely on JS. This is a show stopper;
  • Troubleshooting orphaned images and collections is painful. A list of object references is sorely needed;
  • The setting to make elements editable (such as paragraphs) should be inherited from the parent element. Currently it’s a per-element setting and by default everything is editable;
  • There are only four responsive design sizes (desktop, tablet, mobile landscape and portrait landscape). You need to add a global CSS hack to support desktop sizes of 1200+.

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